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Jan 12, 2009
The Island of Tenerife, what does it have to offer?

We recently had a holiday in Tenerife, we stayed in the Bahia Principe Sunlight in Costa Adeje. It was my second visit to the Island of Tenerife and my second visit to the Bahia Principe. The first time I visited was around 17 years ago but it left a lasting impression, such that I've wanted to return the hotel ever since. The hotel is a 4 star all-inclusive hotel and it didn't disappoint even 17 years on from the first time I visited there.

Morning views of the Atlantic Ocean

Bahia Principe Sunlight, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Bahia Principe Sunlight, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

The hotel is situated in the Playa Pariso part of Costa Adeje which isn't for everyone as it is somewhat quiet but the hotel is situated only ten to fifteen minutes taxi ride away from Las Americas for those wanting to experience the Tenerife night life.

As for the Island, we wanted to make full use of the all-inclusive facilities of the hotel but we always like to experience a bit of where we travel to so we went of a half day tour of the Mt Teide volcano. We opted for a coach tour but I believe there are other options available such as open-top jeep tours. Mt Teide is spectacular standing at over 3715m, (12,198ft) and most definitely worth a visit.

You are advised to check the weather using a reliable source before travelling to Mt teide, during the winter months it is not uncommon to have snow on the peak! We Googled the temperature for the peak of Mt Teide and the BBC told us it was 10 degrees so we dressed accordingly although when we reached the top it was baking in heat at around 30'c.

On the way up we stopped at a café where we purchased a Tenerife speciality coffee liqueur called a Barraquito. A layered coffee liqueur with cream on top finished off with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

I believe this is basically a crater from a former eruption.

The Mt Teide peak, where you can climb the final 163m by cable car.

There is a visitor centre and a hotel at the top of Mt Teide but as you can imagine, staying there isn't for everyone! On the day the visitor centre wasn't able to open for us because they had a power cut but we didn't let that spoil our trip there. The views are breath-taking all the way up with amazing views of much of the island.

Other tours include the cable car ride to the peak and stops at other locations around the mountain. In the winter months it is possible to visit saffron producers and there are plantano plantations and wine distilleries you can visit all year round.

As we were visiting the island with family we also took the opportunity to visit the Siam waterpark. We got a taxi to the waterpark at around 09:30 in the morning. There was already large queues to enter the waterpark. On entry we had our belongings searched as the Siam don't allow food and drinks to be taken into the waterpark.

We visited Siam during the peak season but we thought it was too busy for the size of the park and some of the rides were ridiculously busy. The "lazy river" was the most stressful ride we went on as the floaters were all becoming squashed up making it difficult to move around the "river". We did enjoy some of the other rides but there were long queues for most of them.

Would we go to Siam Park again, probably not.

We queued for over half an hour for food and drinks then we had to wait for an hour for the food to arrive. It was only after complaining did the food eventually turn up. We thought the food was overpriced and there wasn't really anything on offer for those with dietary requirements. Not very good when you're stopping people from coming in with food.

We were also short changed in one of the shops where we purchased drinks.

We didn't let Siam Park dampen our sprits, we had a great time in Tenerife and had we stayed for longer there was so much more we could've added to our itinerary. We'll definitely be returning to Tenerife and we would be more than happy to return to the Bahia Principe Sunlight.

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