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Jan 12, 2009
Jet2 flight from Leeds to Tenerife

Just a couple of weeks back we flew with Jet2 from Leeds Bradford, the home of Jet2 to Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

We arrived at the airport around 2 hours 45 minutes before departures around at 12:45. The check-in procedure was efficient and we proceeded to departures to wait for our flight.

We boarded without any fuss from gate 10 at Leeds Bradford Airport, plus a short walk to stand 15 where our aircraft was parked. The cabin crew were polite and courteous and welcomed us onboard.

The flight departed just a couple of minutes late, departing runway 14 from Leeds which is the South-easterly facing runway. The flight was smooth, the crew were polite and efficient and the flight deck crew made regular updates regarding our routing to Tenerife and expected time of arrival.

We pre-ordered hot food with Jet2 as we enjoy the full in-flight experience. The food was OK nothing to write home about but it was sufficient to fill the gap and my Gluten Free dietary requirements were catered for which was good not knowing when I would be able to eat again.

We landed at Tenerife more or less on time. The arrivals hall was quiet and we collected our baggage quickly without any delay.

Our return from Tenerife to Leeds

We arrived at Tenerife airport around 2 hours 30 minutes prior to our flight home. Similarly to the check-in experience at Leeds Jet2 were checking in all flights from all available check-in desks. There were a number of staff in the queue advising and directing passengers. Check-in was busy but we were processed quickly.

We proceeded to departures to wait for our flight.

The flight home was slightly late but only by a few minutes so well within reason. We boarded via an airbridge and departed soon after without any problems.

The flight home was an evening flight returning into Leeds around 1am in the morning. The crew were polite and helpful. The inflight service was good.

We were unlucky to have two screaming babies on the return flight but although they were a nuisance we were still glad it wasn't the adults who were being disruptive.

The flight deck gave up regular updates on the return at we eventually landed slightly earlier than scheduled.

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We walked into the terminal at Leeds Bradford from around stand 14 or 15. A fair distance which is a little further than the departures at LBA but we found it a good opportunity to stretch our legs after the four hour return flight.

Immigration was quick, and our baggage came within around 10 minutes or 15 minutes.

All in all a good service from Jet2.

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