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It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that forum Co-Administrator - TheLocalYokel is leaving Forums4airports.

Unfortunately TheLocalYokel, (Jim) is sadly retiring from the forum due to Ill health. I'm actually unsure if Jim is able to view the forum but I would like to send him our best wishes and kindest regards from everyone on Forums4airports. You have been a true comrade, friend and supporter of the forum for many years and your unfaltering support has been most appreciated by everyone.


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TLY you will be missed as you always spoke a great deal of sense whether you were posting as a forum Member or commenting as a Mod. However your first duty is to yourself and your family and we all wish you well in dealing with whatever health problems you are now dealing with.
A very sad day indeed and I can only echo the sentiments of others as to just how much he will be missed.

Throughout my interactions with him over the years (both on the forum and via private messaging) I have found him to be not only one of the most knowledgeable members but also a real gentleman and a thoroughly nice guy.

Jim, I can do no more than offer you and your loved ones my thoughts and prayers.

Best wishes Buddy.
Jim, from the first day that I came onto this forum and saw your Avatar I have smiled.

Others have already said almost everything that I could have wished to say. Thank you for all the support that you have given to both the forums and all its members. Whilst I did not appreciate quite how old you might be, I can only wish you and your family peace and may you, when the time comes, fly high.

May God bless you JIm.
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