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Feb 20, 2018
When do we expect an update on overall progress of the entire works in progress and future projects? The next TAS meeting I assume or is there another forum?
I would like to attend but work abroad most of the time so not in the UK much during the week

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Sep 7, 2016
As far as I'm aware there is no special forum with details, apart from those that I and others post on the MANTP thread on this forum.

I'm attending the MACC meeting on Friday and so will update any information that I glean from there - but it is normally a case of councillors discussing past event and how to avoid future problems.#


Sep 20, 2018
Has anyone heard anymore on future uses of the Thomas Cook hangar. I saw it mentioned that there had been a report on another forum of Virgin being interested? I’d personally be surprised as it’s such a large facility, when they have already got Heathrow and Gatwick. I’d say it was at least as big as the combined area of their existing engineering hangars.

However in a way I can see how it could prove an attractive site for A330 maintenance with so many qualified Thomas Cook Engineering staff on the market. Obviously a significant proportion of their A330 fleet uses Trent 700 engines that Thomas Cook staff would know inside out. With the A350 and A330 neo coming on line to replace the 747, it would be relatively inexpensive to train up former Thomas Cook engineering staff on these fleets.

In hindsight the TCX hangar would seem to be a better fit for the Jet2 operation than the ex Monarch hangar. However I can’t imagine after investing in converting the hangar for their operations it would be that feasible for them to switch over. The ex Monarch hangar or Air Livery hangar (I believe this is now to be used for storage) would seem more of a right size fit for an expansion of Virgin‘s engineering operations into MAN.


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Feb 2, 2016
Don’t forget ... “Virgin” now includes a rather large fleet of DHC8-400’s and Embraer 175 /195’s these days.


Feb 20, 2018
Spent the weekend in Manchester taking in the ever expanding airport and city.
Arrived from AMS on Thursday evening with KLM and what a pleasure it was not having to remove my liquids at security and only using 1 tray...something that will hopefully be adopted in the new T2 next year...
Arrived at T3 at 9.45pm no queues at immigration, I can’t work out where the 5 new e gates will go though? So from touchdown until outside the terminal a very quick 16 mins!
On Friday I noticed still how busy T1 is considering TCX no longer operate. I assume with the large EZY operation and still a handful of LS services, it’s not that much different.

Returning today from T3 with BE, security was ok quite busy but only 4/5 lanes open, only 15 mins though so not bad at all. Queued at gate 50 with about 80 other passengers, organised chaos between the lack of space, people queuing in different directions not allowing others to pass and this new Flybe hand luggage policy causing delays to both boarding and departure.
Apart from that, everything else seemed to work ok. We are lucky to have a local airport with so many services. Looking forward to seeing the new T2 extension open next year. Cheers!


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Nov 7, 2017
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Feb 20, 2018
Do KLM always downsize number of flights for the winter period? I am connecting via AMS and due to a delay to my initial flight into AMS, I missed my connection at 16:20 and have been transferred to the next flight at 21:45! Quite a wait when there’s not a awful lot to do in the D gate area at Schiphol. I recalled an 19:00 arrival into MAN around a year or so ago, so I was very surprised when I was informed my wait would be for 5hrs and a €15 euro voucher!
Never mind...Heineken it is then!


Feb 20, 2018
Made some quick mental observations whilst spending the weekend in Manchester and flying out today.
Any comments/feedback welcome:
  • BT pay phones still in operation
  • Pier C airbridges - cleanliness
  • Train station roof - cleanliness
  • Lack of glass on T2X compared to current T2
  • Carpet in T3 arrivals area prior to immigration - new flooring planned?
  • 6 new e passport gates in T3? Location?
  • Lighting around airfield on during daylight hours, particularly at new and current areas of T2 and inside offices
  • What is the max speed for aircraft pushback? Sometimes seems very slow compared to other European airports
  • Christmas decorations/trees in terminals and train station??
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