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Aviador said:
The Met Office are forecasting more severe weather for tomorrow morning. Gales and severe gales are expected in many parts of the UK late tonight and into tomorrow morning along with heavy rain.
Wind and rain all day at Prestwick on thursday
Some shocking pictures of the floods in the Lake District. Sadly a local bobby has been killed.

Pictures from the BBC...

I heard a whole bridge collapsed on top of the poor officer when we was assisting a couple out of danger and unfortunately perished as the bridge fell and tide took him downstream.
It seems the weathermen have downgraded the severe weather warning for snow across the UK. They are now saying that much of the snow forecast will now fall as rain or sleet except for parts of northern England.
Wind and rain tonight and into tomorrow. Winter has arrived! According to BBC the forecast is for much of the same for the rest of the week.
Up to 20cm of snow is forecast for the Grampian mountain range and the North York moors overnight into tomorrow with accumulations possible at lower levels. Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Newcastle & Durham Tees Valley look most likely candidates for disruption tomorrow.
We've been very lucky in the West Country so far in comparison with other areas. It's been bitterly cold (minus 3C was the highest daytime temperature at Bristol Filton on Sunday for example) but very little snow.

We had a light smattering on Friday afternoon/evening and most of it is still on the ground in my garden because the temperature has hardly risen above freezing since then.

Bristol Airport seems to have been unaffected by the weather although it has lost some flights to Scottish and northern England airports because of weather problems there.

I went with one of my grandsons to watch Bristol City on Saturday and it was perishing. Oh for the days of standing terraces where you could jump about to keep warm on days like that.

At least we saw a home win with Sheffield United soundly beaten 3-0.

Incidentally, my grandson's father (my son) knows what he's about. He's in Oz watching the Ashes test matces. I was recently in Oz myself - would have stayed there if I'd known we were to face this unseasonal weather on our return. :shok:

Incidentally how do people describe snow landing on the ground?

Most seem to say 'the snow settled on the ground' but in the Bristol area they usually say 'the snow pitched'. Is this a West country thing or do other areas use this expression as well?
Winter weather makes a return.

Well I know the snow Ploughs, Brushers and De-Icer's all around the country have had a well earned week break or so off. But it looks like some of them will be put back in fighting action again at UK airports in the Midlands and Northern England tomorrow afternoon and Evening. (Friday, January 7th, 2011)

I'm mentioning this as a server weather warning has gone out for Snow-Fall which is expected from 15:00hrs onwards and into the evening by looks off things here at Leeds/Bradford, West Yorkshire.
Source. UK Met Office = http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/yh/yh_forecast_warnings.html?day=2

These advisories are issued by 1300 daily as routine, though they may be updated at other times if required. They indicate confidence of expected severe or extreme weather. Early warnings and Flash Warnings supersede advisories when confidence levels are 60% or greater.

Risk of disruption
Yorkshire & Humber: N Yorkshire, S Yorkshire & W Yorkshire
Heavy Snow
Fri 7 Jan

An area of snow spreading slowly northwards will give temporary accumulations of 2 to 5 cm in many areas, but as much as 10 cm over higher ground. The snow will not reach the far north of England and southern Scotland until after dark, however to the south of these areas, the snow will gradually turn back to rain by evening.
Issued at: 1443 Thu 6 Jan
I've been following the forecasts over the last couple of days and they keep changing it. Paul the weatherman is on the BBC Look North programme as we speak and he has just covered his self by saying rain and snow. Admittedly snow is very difficult to predict especially when the temperature is hovering around freezing. :search: I am going to stick my neck out and say no snow for Leeds tomorrow, but I might be eating my words come this time tomorrow. :LOL:
Well it looks like the Met office got it right for today.

It's snow like a good one here in Leeds right now.
Re: The weather - Cyclone Hamish in Australia


Image: telegraph.co.uk

Australia is suffering more bad weather. The latest is huge cyclone 'Hamish' is heading towards the state of Queensland with 200mph winds.


Image: amazonaws.com

I love this picture. It reminds me of the film Independence Day. :shok:
Just been watching BBC news which has been running a story about severe tornados effecting parts of Poland today. I think in comparison the weather in the UK is pretty tame.


One person has been killed and at least 10 others injured during a series of freak tornadoes in northern and western Poland.

The extreme winds hits the country's Kujawy-Pomorze and Wielkopolska provinces, destroying 100 homes.

Some 400 hectares of trees have also been damaged in Bory Tucholskie forest, a national park and popular tourist destination.

Electricity power-lines have also been damaged.
I've been researching the long range weather over the last couple of days and if the forecasters are correct there's a strong possibility of another cold winter.


Cold snowy day 2010/11, by Aviador, hosted on Forums4airports.com

So it's looking likely we'll be seeing scenes like this on a regular basis over the next few months.
I've been researching the long range weather over the last couple of days and if the forecasters are correct there's a strong possibility of another cold winter.
Let's hope the prediction is as accurate as the barbecue summer one a year or two ago.

A couple of weeks ago I saw some headlines saying the Daily Express was 'forecasting' the coldest winter ever on record but it was the Daily Express.
Weather warning for the South of the UK issued 24 October 2013 for potential storm force and severe gales.

Regarding the incoming storm on Monday, We might not get it as bad up North compared down south, Yellow weather warning has just been issued by the Met Office this morning. But It dose looks like we are in for a hell lot more rain fall. A ..

Meanwhile for down south the Met Office has already issued Amber weather warnings for Monday with winds expected gust up to 70 to 80mph's.

See the current predictions in the following graph.

http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weat ... 1382655600
Here's the latest Met Office prediction of the encroaching storm due to arrive Sunday night into Monday.

Yellow - wind gusting over 70mph with heavy rain
Amber - wind gusting over 80mph with heavy rain

Met Office said:
A developing storm is expected to reach the UK later on Sunday. This is expected to run northeastwards, probably across England and Wales during Monday, with very strong winds on its southern and western flanks. There is the potential for gusts of 60-80 mph quite widely and locally over 80 mph, especially on exposed coasts, both in the southwesterly winds ahead of the low centre and west to northwesterly winds behind it.

20 to 40 mm of rain may fall within 6 to 9 hours, leading to localised flooding, especially where drainage is impeded by wind-blown debris.

This warning will be updated Sunday morning.






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