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Still no snow on the East Yorkshire coast. We have had a few brief Hail flurries, but within the last hour we have seen patches of blue sky.
It has finally arrived. We woke up this morning with a thin (2cm) covering. All paths and roads are clear now as we are only getting brief flurries of about a minute and we have even had sunshine on a couple of occasions.

Please humour me, we didn't get any snow at all last winter
At least you had a chance of seeing snow settle today. For a large swathe of the day, we had concurrent sunshine and snow in city centre Manchester
Where I live, we had what I would describe as Soft Hail, straight down rather than blown snow with the wind. It did not melt on contact but froze as it lay.
We are now entering the storm season here now we are post equinox and I am getting educated by watching the vast selection of YouTube videos of the storms we rarely see in UK.

Heck, the telly is so poor with offering I am forced to eat allocation of web data for entertainment, compensated with a large tumbler of Malbec.

If interested, go search 'Derecho ' storms in USA. I am fortunate to reside in UK!
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