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There was a cheerful/grim (dependent upon point of view) weather forecast today for my part of Wurzel Land with heavy and frequent storms sometimes accompanied by thunder and lightning promised/threatened throughout the day.

It's now half past five and for the most part it's been a sunny and warm day with some dark clouds from time to time which brought a few spits of rain on a couple of occasions earlier today.
My point exactly, promises but the BBC are good at wording forecasts. "Not all places will get any rain". No comfort to me as my district is dry as the Kalahari!
On the eastern fringes of Birmingham on Tuesday, we had an hours downpour at midday, followed by thunderstorms from 4.30pm until 6.15pm. Looking at my rainfall app it was very hit & miss. Similar weather expected today.
Here just to the north of Cambridge, we had an incredible thunder storm around mid-afternoon. The thunder just seemed to be one continuous rumble. As for the rain, I swear I have never known it rain that hard. We had been forecast rain but not the storms (we had another one in the early evening, but nothing like the mid-afternoon one).

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