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Feb 27, 2011
As conversation on the LBA forum has been very minimal these past couple of weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to set up a new thread about which airlines, aircraft and routes members of the thread are using and to find out which services our members are supporting.

I will start off with my next trip's out of LBA:

Tuesday 23rd July: LBA - PMI flying with Monarch Airlines on their new A320! with 8 others for 1 week.

Tuesday 6th August: LBA - ALC flying with Jet2 - Outbound on their 733, return on the 16th on their 752! with 7 others.

I would much appreciate other members to share their next flights out of LBA and also what flights they may have planned in the future!
hi there ap 1995
we have done 2 trips out of lba so far this year 1 to Alicante with jet2, we have just returned from paphos (jet2 holidays party of 10) our next flight is in sept to Malaga.
we are also flying out of Doncaster tomorrow (16 july)to Malaga.
Monarch airlines,

7504/7505 - LBA//TFS//LBA.

Outbound 5/7 inbound 12/7.

Both G-ZBAB both flights!

Next one hopefully october to Paphos on my favourite airline and aircraft! Any guesses?
I only have a holiday abroad every 2 years usually and have just had mine in May.

I flew on the LS217 from LBA to Arrecife on 9th May on Jet2 Boeing 757 G-LSAB. The return flight (LS218 on 23rd May) was Boeing 757 G-LSAG.

Both flights were full to capacity give or take the odd seat. The LS217 was on time, the LS218 45 minutes late leaving Arrecife, but arrived at LBA on time!!
Thank you for all of your replies, I think it is exciting and good to know what services everyone is using!
Also how full was everyone's flights?
nicholas1992 - Jet2 by any chance? ;)
Snowman - Have a great holiday! Shame your not flying from LBA! :s_laughat
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I haven't flown for 4 years but I've already booked to fly to Palma next June with Jet2. Hopefully we'll be flying on one of the 757's.
next hols

10/09/2013 leeds to Palma with jet2 for two weeks

next year

March Leeds to Tenerife with jet2

June Leeds to Tenerife with jet2

October Leeds to Tenerife with jet2

been using all my points up!!
Only the two trips so far this year - Budapest via Amsterdam with KLM in March (leisure), and Trondheim via Amsterdam with KLM in June (work).
Hi all

I am going to Amsterdam, Hamburg and Oslo at the end of August and am booked out on Jet2. Sadly, necessity dictates that I return to (Manchester).
Feb: AMS Jet2
Oct DBV Jet2

Have enough Avios points for another flight via LHR, hopefully this year.

I've been reading this forum for awhile now but this is my first post!

Lanzarote - Jet2,LS217, 25/7/2013
Barcelona - Monarch, ZB7555, 16/9/13

Would anyone know which aircraft i will be flying to Lanzarote on? I believe it's a 757 but not sure which?

It will be a 757, but I doubt that anyone outside Jet2 will be able to say which one will operate the service yet.
Malaga, LS186/266 11/08/13 - 22/08/13
Malaga, LS185/186 24/10/13 - 03/11/13
Geneva LS286(?) - 13/12/13 - 20/12/13
In addition to my previous post in this thread and, considering the long discussion about cost/performance elsewhere on this site, I have put my money where my mouth is and booked LHR - LBA in November.
2012: LS347/8 DUS
LS223/4 TFS
LS421/2 RHO

2013: LS205/6 AMS
BA1340/1 LHR/JFK
LS251/2 FAO

I love flying from LBA just wish I could do it more often.....

BA shuttle tonight into LBA, Monarch to Barcelona in a few weeks, then jet2 to Dusseldorf in December for the Xmas markets.
September 2013 Ibiza
October 2013 malaga
march 2014 malaga
april 2014 malaga
may 2014 malaga
September 2014 ibiza
October 2014 malaga

Just in case Mar/apl/may 2014 confuses, my travel insurance only allows me to stay away 28 days, have to return and then go out again, a lot cheaper then buying health insurance for a longer period.
Not aimed at you at all tarnspotter rather the insurance providers but the 'green' implications of this are mind boggling.

How many people with a place in Spain are doing the same I wonder?


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9 trips in 9 days done 70 miles walked and over 23-00 photos taken with a large number taken at 20mph or above. Heavy rain on 1 day only
5 trips done and 45 miles walked,. Also the RAF has had 4 F35B Lightning follow me yesterday and today....
My plans got altered slightly as one of the minibus companies had to cancel 3 trips and refunded me but will be getting nice discount when I rebook them.

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