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Oct 1, 2014
Travelling to Dusseldorf in November and so miss our own service - EW from Manchester doesn't have the best times so ended up with a BA package from LHR (will worry about flights / train there later) for 3 nights 4 star and flights with BA for £207 each! BA can't be making any money on that! EW fare only was almost the package price from MAN although if it had been LBA I'd have paid it willingly! Bring back DUS!
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Jan 22, 2018
Just booked Jet2 for a ride down to Fuerteventura in November from LBA..I`m sure you all know, but in case you don`t, if you join their `members Club` (free), presently they are offering 15% discount until April 2021.Saved me a bundle and I get reminded of what BA used to be like :ROFLMAO:


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Oct 1, 2014
Flew out to LPA last Saturday on LS477 text book stuff at the airport and plenty of signs saying the Existing airport was being improved but nothing advertising the new build! Away on time and down 25 mins early. Coming back today the inbound was very early so we managed a very swift get away for a slow flight. A very bumpy welcome to Yorkshire about 5 mins ahead of schedule! We had to do a reverse park on account of the storm which slowed things up. Overall great service from Jet2 and LBA but I must say more on board peddling of goods and drinks than I recall!


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Jan 12, 2010
hi all
4 family members have just booked 10days to majorca with jet2 holidays (all inclusive) from LBA in august just under £4,000 the same holiday was £460 cheaper from man, but our daughter hates the M62,does make me wonder if jet2 are doing the old thomsons trick of charging more from leeds,they have booked there seats and there is plenty of room on the plane.


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Aug 21, 2015
South Leeds
It still comes back to supply and demand. If people will pay the prices then why lower them? Not good for a customer but good for a profitable business. What I do think this does show though is how many more pax would use LBA if prices were comparable. But as we know we are currently at peak time capacity so not really any extra seats going to be made available. For now at least..............
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